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Basic Electricity
Start here if you don't know anything about electricity or electronics. These pages cover the basics. They are great for young students.
Circuits in this list range from very simple (1 star) to very complex (5 stars). Suggestions for circuits that should be added are always welcome.
Reference Material
Power Supplies Sources
  • All Electronics Corporation  Excellent source of surplus items, low to medium quantities.
  • Allied Electronics  Excellent full line distributor.
  • All-Spec  Looks like a good source for tools, equipment, supplies. I have not ordered from them yet.
  • Alltronics  Excellent source of surplus items, especially the esoteric.
  • B.G. Micro  Excellent source of surplus items, especially for older but still interesting ICs.
  • Cheap-Chips  My own site - Mainly older hard to find linear devices.
  • Digi-Key Corporation  The best full-line distributor (in my humble opinion).
  • Electronic Goldmine  Great source of surplus and unusual stuff - check this site regularly!
  • Jameco Electronics  Specialty supplier of electronics and computer items - great for PC interface cards.
  • Marlin P Jones & Associates  Wide variety of new and surplus items. Tools and test equipment too. I have one of their hot air soldering stations. It works well and is reasonably priced.
  • Mouser Electronics  Another full line distributor. Although I have not ordered from them, others give them a good recomendation.
  • Newark Electronics  Another excellent full-line distributor. I use them whenever Digi-key doesn't have what I want.
  • Timeline Inc.  A great source for alphanumeric LCDs - other surplus, mainly devices, modules, very few components.
Construction Techniques
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