Bill Den Beste's Free Parts Page
This page is for students who want to build electronics projects, but can't find the parts they need.
Please read this whole page carefully before you send me an email message!
I have a large collection of electronics components, from resistors and capacitors through microprocessors. I have a lot of TTL, CMOS, and Linear IC's too. Some of it is new, much of it is used. All of it is in good condition. I am willing to share my collection with students, to help them complete projects and experiments.
Do I qualify? Yes, if you are a grade-school, high-school, or college student.
What if I don't live in the US? Usually not a problem. I have sent many packages outside the US. In rare cases you might have to pay import duties on the items I send you.
What can I get? Real-world physical components to help complete your projects.
What's the cost? Absolutely nothing!   I'll even pay the postage.

Here's the deal: 
Send me email telling me a little about yourself, what you are building, and what you are having trouble finding. If you give me sufficient information, I'll search through my stuff and see if I can find what you need. Note:  I probably won't be able to fill out your whole parts list.
If I have what you need, I'll let you know via email. Once we have agreed, I'll send the stuff to you by snail mail (I'll pay postage).
If I don't have what you are looking for, I'll send you email letting you know. Often I might have a reasonable substitute to suggest instead.
Help Me to Help You:
· In order to determine that you qualify, I'll need some personal info about you.
· In order to send you something by snail mail, I'll need your postal address.
· In order to send you email, I'll need your email address.
· In order to find what you are looking for, I'll need a good description of your project.
· If I don't have exactly what you want, I may have something that will work. But to find it, I'll need to know what you are trying to build.
· If you leave out any of this information, I won't be able to help you!
When you receive the stuff I sent you, I'd appreciate some email telling me that you got the requested items. A "thank you" in that email would be nice, too.
That's the whole deal. Hope to hear from you soon!
Some Requests That Won't Work:
"Send me the free components."
I am not giving out grab-bags or assortments. I am only willing to provide specific items for specific needs. You'll have to mention specific needs, related to specific projects. You and I will usually need to exchange information over several emails. If you don't answer my return email, you won't get anything.
"Send me a hard disk drive... Pentium 200 processor... RAM for my PC..."
I am not offering free parts for upgrading your computer! The microprocessors and memory mentioned here are not for PC's or Mac's! They are for building embedded controllers as part of an electronics project. No where on this page does it say I'll give you free memory upgrades, faster processors, new mother boards, hard drives, modems, etc. I don't have such things to give away!
"Send me the free Verilog and/or VHDL components."
I am not offering software components or simulation models!
The components mentioned here are real physical objects. They are not Visual Basic, Delphi, or ActiveX software components. They are not simulation models of components.
"Send me the free software."
If you've read this far, you should be able to guess my response....
That's right! I don't have software to give away, just hardware.
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